Monday, 11 July 2011

Verbling: practice the language with native speakers

Summer is already here! And now that you have a lot of time free (sic), it is time to make use of what the net has to offer. 

In this post, I want to talk you about Verbling, a website designed for students of English as a foreign language to get in touch with native English speakers from around the world and practice in real time. It is meant to be an exchange between you and your chat partner: 5 minutes for each language. 

On top of that, if you don't know what to talk about, the site itself gives you the possibility of choosing a topic you like and proposes a question that could help as a conversation starter. All you need is a mic, a webcam and an email address. About privacy, these guys are in control of everything and they will not provide any personal information to anybody. You should also remember not to do it yourself!

Ups, nearly forgot! This website is not meant for under 13. 


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