Friday, 14 November 2008

Descriptions (Basic)

Hi everyone! I'm posting an activity I created last year for the studnets of Basic 1 with pictures of well-known celebrities as a means to practise the description. It is very basic but it is always helpful. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Tip for vocabulary!!!

Two months have passed, quickly I may say, and I can already give my opinion on what I have observed your problems are in the classroom.
I have seen how much you all struggle when speaking. In many cases, the reason is the lack of the exact word you want to use what makes your efforts useless and you get disappointed. Final result:you block and no conversation takes place (in the classroom, there is a side effect: Spanish takes over).
One tip that might help you is the use of paraphrasing. This technique consists on using a description of the word you want to say or giving an example. For example you want to say that the delivery people have broken the sofa you had bought, but you do not know the word 'delivery' so you can say: " the people who bring things home broke the sofa I have bought." Maybe you can sound a bit silly or feel stupid because you think you should know the word, but communication is successful and that is the most important thing.
How would you paraphrase these words: Binoculars, pendant, file, lump sum? Looking forward to your answers.

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