Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Being passive is useful sometimes!!

At least when we do not have a clue about the actor of an action or we do not want to give that information straight away! That is why passive voice is so useful and that is the purpose of this post. Follow this link and find out what the BBC section for language teaching have to offer, not only to study the passive, but also a good amount of activities tackling a wide range of grammar points. Come on, do not be passive and take some action!! Your English needs you.

Giving directions

Hello boys and girls! Looking for some kind of teaching material for you I have come across this site run by the BBC and which is meant to give some backup to those who are learning the language. As it is only a few days ago we worked about giving directions, I have chosen in the how to... section an activity where you can practice a bit. Do not miss the opportunity to browse all over the section, the amount of stuff is unbelievable!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Another surprise on Britain's Got Talent

This third season of Britain's Got Talent is being highly productive. Last week we had a Scottish unemployed housewife with an outstanding voice. Her success was such that celebrities from all over the world -Demi Moore, among them- felt really touched by her performance and spoke up for her. If you have not managed to watch it, here is the link.

However, the second week has brought another surprising performer. He is really young and what an extraordinary voice! I will not give any more details by now, but get ready for an amazing surprise. I only want you to send a reply with the reactions to the video and the titles of the songs this little mister wonder sings. If you find the lyrics on the Internet you can also include the link. Let's get amazed!!!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Visuword- A new look into dictionaries and thesaurus.

This is a post for the students of the intermediate group. We have just started studying the topic of Olympics and sports and I have thought that it would be a good idea to introduce you to an amazing, this is my opinion, tool: Visuword. This new on-line visual dictionary will provide you with two different options: a proper dictionary and a neurone-like layout of all the terms related to the word you are looking for. And that is what I have done: I typed Olympics and below you haver the link to the result.

CarlosClassroom- Part 2

Hello! I know the wiki I have set up for you has not had any success, although I have thought for a better use in the classroom. However, while that time comes, I have decided to improve both pages, for basic and intermediate, with some appealing resources: several word clouds, a visual dictionary entry and a video. Hope to see your contributions soon.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Carlos classroom- a wikispace for contribution

Hello! Hope you have had a nice Easter break. After so much relax, it is time to get back to the cruel reality and start making your few neurons left work again. Remember that in the second half of the week, we are having the speaking exams planned for March. For that reason, I have decided to open a wikispace where you can find some flashcards in order to begin working as a group the details to be taken into account before we give a speech (vocabulary, main ideas, secondary ideas, etc.) Let's do it all together, it's much easier and we can all learn from each others' contributions.

Here is the link to the wikipage

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

More language exchange sites

Hello dear students! A few weeks ago, I recommended you a website where you would be able to find people who are looking for partners to practice their speaking skills via Skype. Today I want to introduce you to two different websites which have the same aim, but different approaches.

  1. busuu.com: It is a social network like facebook or myspace but their main goal is not only to provide partners to practice your language, but you can also find all sort of exercises from various levels you can take and the same network users will correct. They are sponsored by the UNESCO and even teach Gomeran wistle language! Amazin site, isn't it?
  2. babelan: In this case, this a languages site to find native people for a language exchange. It also allows to search and offer language classes and translations services. It also provides a Global language exchange (messenger, e-mail, voice) area. This is where you can find native people to practice your target language from home, just with your e-mail, messenger or voice software.

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