Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Campaign for Level C to become part of the EOI's curriculum

The AAEOIM (Asociación de Alumnos de Escuelas de Idiomas de Madrid) has started a campaign to claim the inclusion of level C in the curriculum of EEOOII. This campaign consists of individual letters to the Spanish Ministry of Education,  which the association would collect themselves and make sure to hand them in via the proper means (registered, stamped, endorsed an so on). Pay a visit to the AAEOIM web page ( http://aaeoim.jimdo.com/) where they have a detailed post about their aims and a sample of the letter they want those interested to send them. The deadline is March, 23. You are still in time to help with this serious matter which is of general interest for all of us, learners and teachers.


Eva María Suárez Guillén

Hi, Carlos. I've added your post to the facebook group and have twitted it an buzzed.

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