Friday, 4 September 2009

And summer is finally over!

Having fun everyone? Hope so, you still have another week before lessons start. This post is just to announce that we are back to the classroom on the 14th and 15th of September. I still do not know exactly what levels I will be teaching, but I have made the decision to keep up with this blog for all of my students, past and future. So you are welcome to make any suggestions you think it may help us all improving. Come on in and start giving ideas, my ears and eyes are excitedly open. Looking forward to reading and hearing from you.
C U Soon.



Hi Carlos! How are you? I hope to see you as our teacher!!

I forgot all my english :(, and this is written by the google translator haha!

PS. How do you do to fit 46 people in the same class? :((

See you soon mate!

Carlos Martín

Hi Eulogio! Glad to hear from you, hope you have had a nice summer. I bet you have been working and haven't had holidays yet, pity!

Can you tell me which version of google translator you are using? It might be the only good one from what it has done with your post!!!!

I'm afraid this year you will have a new teacher, but we still don't know anything about it.

Sorry, mate but that question needs to be forwarded to the Consejería, apparently they have a magic wand which reduces people's sizes to smurfs.

See you around!!

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