Sunday, 12 April 2009

Carlos classroom- a wikispace for contribution

Hello! Hope you have had a nice Easter break. After so much relax, it is time to get back to the cruel reality and start making your few neurons left work again. Remember that in the second half of the week, we are having the speaking exams planned for March. For that reason, I have decided to open a wikispace where you can find some flashcards in order to begin working as a group the details to be taken into account before we give a speech (vocabulary, main ideas, secondary ideas, etc.) Let's do it all together, it's much easier and we can all learn from each others' contributions.

Here is the link to the wikipage



WOW! I'm impressed with the wiki you created for your students. It's such a good idea! I'll follow the process closely- I can learn a lot from you guys!
EOI Guía

Carlos Martín

Thank you darling!! Hope it will work. I'll try to push it forward and see if I can get them all involved. You are invited to make any contribution you want.


Where're you going to show us more of this? This is useful!

Carlos Martín

Click on the link atthe bottom of the post and you'll get to the wiki.The idea is to devote a few lessons working on this. It all depends on the time left from the syllabus we still have to see.

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